James Corden, Michael Fassbender Play Inept SWAT Team Members in 'Late Late Show' Sketch

Courtesy of The Late Late Show with James Corden

The host and actor attempt to break into a house but can't get through the locked door, with Fassbender injuring himself in the process.

James Corden and Michael Fassbender played inept SWAT team members in a sketch on Thursday's Late Late Show.

The host and actor joked that before making a name for themselves in Hollywood, the two were highly trained police officers. But during a sketch in which the pair try to break into a house, it seems they're not exactly naturals.

With the door to the house locked shut, Corden attempts to kick it down but fails. When it's Fassbender’s turn, he is unable to knock down the door as well.

"The door is a little tricky, but we’ve got this,” Corden tells the rest of the team of their minor setback, via his radio.

The duo are then seen trying multiple attempts at breaking down the door, including Fassbender needing to ice his shoulder after plunging towards it.

“They messed with the wrong guys!” Corden says to keep the momentum, before Fassbender throws a chair at the door, only for it to break in pieces.

Following Fassbender's lead, Corden then proceeds to try to slam the door open with a stick, only for a piece to fly into his partner's eye.

"We’ve got a man down, man down,” Corden repeats, tending to the actor’s eye. Retrieving the piece out his eye, Corden jokes, “Make a wish.”

After repeatedly trying to tackle their conundrum, Corden and Fassbender decide to take a short break. 

“It’s a nice night. Very peaceful, “ Corden says as pair sits, while sipping warm drinks.  The duo then sings “This Little Light of Mine,” before a montage of them continuing to try to kick the door is shown.

“Stop for a selfie?” Corden later asks Fassbender, exhausted from the repeated kicking.  

Fassbender poses with his weapon, whereas Corden makes a duck face. The late-night host tells Fassbender that he’ll promise to tag him and caption it, “On the job.”

After another momentary break, the two hold hands and successfully knock the door down while kicking together. But rather than carry on with their mission, Corden and Fassbender start dancing.

“Go SWAT Team! Go SWAT Team! Go SWAT Team,” they sing. Meanwhile, their targeted criminal is shown walking past them, calling them “idiots.”