James Corden Reclaims 'Late Late Show' Billboard, Spray Paints David Boreanaz's Face

Courtesy of CBS

During Monday night's show, Corden and his writer went on an "underground operation" to reclaim their show's billboard on the CBS lot after Boreanaz's poster for 'SEAL Team' replaced it.

James Corden wants his billboard back.

After discovering his show's billboard on the CBS studio lot has been replaced for the network's new show, SEAL Team, starring David Boreanaz, Corden takes matters into own hands by enlisting his "wingman" writer Nate, to replace the hanging banner.

Reflecting on when his billboard was replaced in 2016 with Michael Weatherly's show Bull, the Late Late Show host vowed to not let history repeat itself. "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice ..." Corden paused, unsure on what to say before adding, "shame on you again."

"Nobody at CBS knows that we are doing this. It is an underground operation. It's time to get that billboard back. Stay gripped. Stay locked. Let's do it," Corden says.

Corden and Nate are then seen running across the lot, with Corden knocking down a sign for American Idol and Dancing with the Stars. When they discover the door to the stairway is locked, Corden and Nate notice the security guard patrolling the lot.

"Act cool, act cool, act cool," Corden repeats as they pose near the wall, failing at looking unsuspicious. "Tell me when he's gone and I'll stop acting cool," Corden tells his writer.

"If you do something confidently enough, they won't think you are doing anything bad," Nate informs him. "You are saying, if we are doing it wrong, do it strong? OK, let's go," Corden says as he begins to walk like Grease's Danny Zuko.

Once the security guard leaves, Corden and Nate climb a ladder, where they begin unloading their pack of essentials including spray paint bottles, night vision goggles (which Corden refers to as "NVGs"), rope, drinking water and Ramen noodles.

"We're committing an act of vandalism. We're not going to stop and eat a Ramen!" Corden lectures, until the writer informs him that he packed a hot plate. Corden and the writer are then shown sitting, eating Ramen. "I didn't even realize I wanted it until I saw it," Corden says as the audience laughs.

"What's it like seeing your face that big?" Nate asks, with Corden immediately responding, "Wonderful. I just wish all of our faces could be that big, you know? I wish it was the whole team."

"I mean, you could probably put a call in and make that happen," his writer says, before Corden interrupts "Alright, let's crack on," ignoring his proposal.

Returning to their mission, the writer informs Corden that it would be comical if they covered Boreanaz's face with a picture of Seal to honor his show's title.  "That is absurd," Corden tells him, instructing him to keep the poster for himself.

As Corden and Nate lower down to face the billboard, via a harness, Corden finds the trip uncomfortable.  

"This harness is right in my nuts," the late-night host complains. "It is ruining my testicles," his writer responds, sharing the same sentiments.

Once the writer recognizes Boreanaz  as the "guy from Bones," Corden expresses curiosity, asking what the show was about. "They solve a lot of murders, using bones," Nate explains as they continue to spray paint Boreanaz's face. "It's really a great show and as excited as I am for SEAL Team, it is a little bittersweet, because it means it’s the end of Bones," the writer adds.

Corden and Nate proceed to spray a mustache on Boreanaz, opting for a curly one to make the actor resemble a "fancy lad."

"Do you think they'll make a Bones movie?" Nate asks, leaving Corden to address their conversation topic: "I feel like we’re spending more time here talking about Bones, then we are sticking it to the man."

"Sounds like the words of a man who hasn't watched Bones," Nate jokes.

Two hours later, after some more hijinks, Corden and Nate inform the cameras that they have accomplished their mission. "Let's get back to the studio before the police show up. Screw you SEAL Team," Corden says.

The next morning, Boreanaz is shown driving into the studio when he notices the billboard.

"What the hell! Who would do something like that?" the SEAL Team actor asks. "Look what they did to my face!"

The tainted billboard is shown with the words "The Late Show with James Corden" spray painted across the billboard, with a mustache and glasses covering Boreanaz's face.

Corden then appears to approach Boreanaz, telling the actor, "Wow, that's a real shame. I'm so sorry. I've got some intense fans.”

"That's just disgusting!" Boreanaz argues, with Corden then assuring the actor that the situation will be rectified. "I promise I'm gonna make sure this gets all cleared up. But knowing my fans, they'll come back tomorrow and do it all over again. But I'll get it figured out," Corden tells Boreanaz.

The host and actor then walk away talking about Bones.

Watch the sketch below.