James Corden Sings Ode to 'La La Land' After Oscars Snafu

James Corden 'Late Late Show' La La Land - Screengrab - H 2017

Corden even dressed as Emma Stone for his big "Audition" scene.

After Sunday's Oscars ceremony mistakenly announced La La Land as the winner of best picture, James Corden couldn't pass up the opportunity for a musical number. 

On Monday's Late Late Show, Corden mirrored La La Land's Emma Stone rehearsal scene, mimicking her "Audition" song with one of his own, complete with a costume to match Stone's wardrobe. 

Instead of Stone's story about her aunt and dedicating the song to "the ones who dream," Corden sang about "the ones who lose." 

"Was this a mix-up, a conspiracy, a fix-up? Or was Warren Beatty just blind?" he sang. 

"Here's to the ones who lose. God, I need so much booze. Here's to the ones who hope, who switched that envelope? They told them, Moonlight, come give your speech on your film about hand jobs on the beach. This result doesn't seem right. Oscars used to be so white!" 

Watch the "audition" below.