Jake Lacy Teaches James Corden, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Grace Helbig How to Do a Spit-Take

Spit-Takes w/ Jake Lacy, Chiwetel Ejiofor & Grace Helbig - H 2016
Courtesy of CBS

The actors and 'Late Late Show' host take turns delivering their best surprised reactions on the CBS late-night program.

How to Be Single's Jake Lacy gave Chiwetel Ejiofor, Grace Helbig and James Corden a lesson in how to do a proper spit-take on Thursday's The Late Late Show.

"Show us the right way to do one," Corden prompted, before jokingly telling Lacy he slept with his wife, leading the actor to spit out the water he drank. Then, Ejiofor, Helbig and Corden took turns making silly statements to each other as each did their own personal version of a spit-take.

The prompts included comments about the weather, time-traveling homeless men and a pregnancy. When it was Helbig's turn to make Corden spit-take she elaborated on her fake pregnancy, making all of the men spit-take when she announced who the father was.