James Corden, Stephen Colbert Blast Donald Trump Jr.'s Halloween Candy "Socialism" Tweet

Corden pleaded for non-politicized holidays, whereas Colbert taught economics with candy puns.

During their Wednesday night monologues, James Corden and Stephen Colbert both devoted time to ridiculing Donald Trump Jr.'s Halloween tweet in which he showed a picture of his daughter with her candy bag, stating that he would give half her candy to "some kid who sat at home" as a way to "teach her about socialism."

"I'm going to take that tweet and show it to my daughter because it's never too early to teach her that 'too' is spelled with two o's, not one," Corden joked about the younger Trump's typo.

The late-night host also didn't shy away from taking a jab at the president: "Give it to some kid who sat at home. Yeah, like your father did during Vietnam."

Although ridiculing Trump Jr.'s tweet, Corden said that he can't help but notice that each holiday is being politicized in some way.

"Can we not just have one holiday that isn't about politics?" Corden asked, further adding, "Like Christmas has become what it says on Starbucks' cups. Halloween is now about socialism. I swear to God, if they try to claim that the Easter bunny was involved in Benghazi, I'm moving back to England."

Meanwhile, on the Late Show, Colbert decided to describe economic theory to Trump Jr. using Halloween candy puns. Continuously reaching for various candy, Colbert began to "teach" Trump Jr.

"There's plenty of economic theory that you can teach using sweets," Colbert said. "For instance, you, Junior (Mints), were born with many 100 Grands on 5th Avenue. All most people get from their parents is (Hershey) Kisses," Colbert joked.

With the audience erupting into laughter, Colbert continued, "Now Americans find themselves be-Twix-t two choices, both of which Blow (Pop). … Wealth redistribution or empower a Nut-rageous demagogue by handing him the Warheads. The top 1 percent, Tobler-own, 99 percent of the wealth, when there should be Good and Plenty of —" Colbert paused as he couldn't hold his laughter, before finishing, "Good 'n' Plenty money for everyone."

"We need to be talking about things like universal Heath care, which would be a lifesaver for working people," the late-night host said. "Socialist ideas outlined by the authors of Dots Kapital, Karl Mars and Frederick Skittles — or, as you Dum-Dums like to call them, Nerds."

Colbert finished his lesson mocking Trump Jr. "I know we're having a lot of Snickers at your expense, but one thing's for sure: You're a total Douche," Colbert joked, before opening the candy bar and eating it.