James Corden Has a Zach Galifianakis Problem

Galifianakis takes Corden's invite to stop in whenever he wants a little too seriously.

When Zach Galifianakis visited The Late Late Show, James Corden told him to "pop in any time" he wanted. Galifianakis decided to take that quite literally in a new sketch for Corden's show.

"He said to come back whenever I want," the actor said defensively, when Corden questioned why Galifianakis was randomly in his office.

Galifianakis is a disruptive visitor, sleeping with cucumbers on his eyes while Corden is trying to have a meeting and making a margarita as Corden tries to talk on the phone. "I don't trust email," he says in another scene, loudly using a fax machine as Corden and his staffers look on.

He goes a little too far when he takes selfies on a toilet in the same bathroom that Corden is showering in, and the late night host tells him, "You have to leave."

As they say their goodbyes, Corden makes a crucial mistake once again — watch below.