James Cromwell Arrested While Protesting Dog Laboratory

James Cromwell - Getty - H 2017
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The actor was charged with hindering proceedings by disorderly conduct at Texas A&M University.

James Cromwell was arrested on Thursday during a protest at Texas A&M University, campus police told The Hollywood Reporter

The actor was arrested around 1:35 p.m. during a board of regents meeting. He was charged with hindering proceedings by disorderly conduct, said Lt. Bobby Richardson of the department of security and police, Texas A&M University. The charge is a class A misdemeanor. 

Cromwell was with another unidentified man protesting the university's dog laboratory. The actor is an outspoken animals' rights activist who has been arrested in the past during protests. 

Through a statement via People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Cromwell said, "Texas A&M continues to torment golden retrievers and other dogs, even though decades of these experiments have not led to a cure for humans with muscular dystrophy."

He added, "It's time to let the dogs out, and my friends at PETA and I want them released to good homes where they can live out the rest of their lives in peace."

Cromwell was transported to the Brazos County Jail, where he was booked for the charge, Richardson said.