James Foley Was Reportedly Tortured Before ISIS Beheading

AP Images

The journalist was executed in August

Journalist James Foley was brutally tortured before his beheading by ISIS, according to a disturbing report published by The New York Times Saturday.

Foley was reportedly waterboarded, beaten, starved and faced mock executions in the months before his death, according to former hostages and Foley's family, who were interviewed for the article. For solace, Foley and many fellow captives converted to Islam, the faith of those who were holding them hostage. 

Of the 23 prisoners he was held with, Foley, and three British men reportedly suffered the worst torture, their captors were upset with their countries' roles in the war on terror, and because the U.S. and Britain were the least amenable to negotiate with ISIS on ransom terms.

His fellow hostages said Foley believed the U.S. would negotiate his release up until the final weeks of his life.

Video of Foley's execution was released in August and sparked an international outcry


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