James Franco Appears in New Music Video

James Franco - Opens Project Gallery - 2011
Toni Passig/Getty Images

The actor makes a cameo in an arty clip called "Rising,” an indie single from performance artist Kalup Linzy.

How has James Franco been spending his time post Oscar co-hosting duties? Making music. The thespian just turned up in a music video, which came out June 23rd but appears to have gone largely unwatched until today, by Kalup & Franco (the duo that Franco told New York Magazine is really more Kalup Linzy’s than his). Regardless, in the clip, Franco can be seen in the background.
“The music is a part of an ongoing collaboration,” Linzy said in a statement, Pitchfork reported today. The debut EP by the duo drops July 12, 2011.
Franco, of course, is quickly gaining a reputation in not just music circles for celebrating the obscure, but in the art world as well.

Franco has had his work exhibited in galleries from Berlin to Beverly Hills, where the Spider Man star held court at a  recent opening of the show featuring installations thematically related to the film My Own Private Idaho and paintings by the actor.

"Additional footage” in the video below is by Franco, per the end credits of the promo.