James Franco Gives Encouragement to Aron Ralston on 'Minute to Win It'

The mountain climber, whom Franco portrays in "127 Hours," won $125,000 for charity on the NBC game show.

Aron Ralston got some encouragement from James Franco while competing on NBC's "Minute to Win It" on Wednesday night.

Franco, who portrayed the man known for having to amputate part of his own arm after getting trapped under a rock while mountain climbing, appeared in a special video message during the show after Ralston failed to complete a task.

"Keep your wits about you because you're going to kill it," Franco told Ralston, as picked up by Entertainment Tonight.

Ralston, in turn, praised the actor, who is Oscar nominated for his role.

"He's an incredible artist, as well as being very genuine," he said. "The way he portrayed me, I felt very honored by that."

Ralston raised $125,000 for his charity, Wilderness Workshop, on Wednesday's show.