James Franco Is Tailor Made for Gucci's Made to Measure Service

The Oscar nominated actor becomes the first model for the designer's high end tailoring services.

Is everyone who gets nominated for -- or wins -- an Oscar endorsing products? Sure seems like it.

Just today it was announced that  Oscar nominee and Academy Awards host, James Franco is the new poster boy for Gucci's Bespoke Service. A smoldering Franco appears in their made-to-measure service campaign called 'All the World's a Stage.' The photos were all shot in the infamous Cinecitta Film Studios in Rome. This celebrity-priced service will launch in 11 Gucci boutiques internationally.

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Oscar winner Kate Winslet isn't just reading Emile Zola's Therese Raquin for Audible.com. She also has a new product endorsement for Lancome that was announced today. But hers has a decidely charitable link: To help raise awareness (and, let's be honest, money) for the charity she founded, The Golden Hat Foundation, that helps children living with Autism. 

The limited edition Kate Winslet holiday collection includes face powder, lip color and nail polishes,  all inscribed with Kate's signature and a drawing of a gold hat. You can buy the products and do a good deed (which is always guaranteed to make everyone look more attractive) online or at major department stores' makeup counters.

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