James Franco May Have Revealed Kimye's Wedding Location

James Franco and Chris O'Dowd

During an appearance on "The View," the actor shared that he and Seth Rogen were invited to perform the night before Kimye's nuptials.

James Franco and Seth Rogen's spoof of Kanye West's "Bound 2" video was so well liked by the rapper that the actors were apparently invited to do a live performance the night before the wedding to his fiancee, Kim Kardashian.

While appearing on The View on Tuesday, the 36-year-old actor shared that he received a call from the rapper, who said he enjoyed "Bound 3." Franco may have also spilled the beans on the possible location of Kimye's wedding location too.

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"We thought he was just going to let us have it. But he loved it," said Franco. "And I'm pretty sure I can say it now because I'm pretty sure it's not going to happen -- he wanted us to perform it live the night before his wedding at Versailles."

He added, "I think it would be awesome for about 10 seconds, but then there would be Seth with his shirt off in front of all the Kardashians."

While Franco may have let slip Kimye's wedding site, the Palace of Versailles wrote on its Twitter account in January that the couple would not be planning their wedding at the former home of French monarch King Louis XIV. Guess we'll know the real location when the pair walks down the aisle this May.

Watch Franco's appearance on The View below.