James Franco New Dance Track Hits the Web (Audio)

Toni Passig/Getty Images

New song "Turn It Up" is the actor's second collaboration with Kalup Linzy.

James Franco really is a Renaissance man.

Though critics didn't exactly fawn over his singing and dancing abilities as Oscar host (The Hollywood Reporter's Tim Goodman wrote in his review of the event that the actor "often looked bored or like he was back in Pineapple Express"), Franco has moved forward in various disciplines outside of Hollywood such as painting and video installations.

Franco's latest outside-of-the-box project is a dance track with Kalup Linzy called "Turn It Up (So We Can Turn It On). The three-minute, 16-second tune begins with Franco telling listeners, "That's right child, go on, turn it up, come on."

Kalup Linzy feat. James Franco - Turn It Up (So We Can Turn It Out) by Dutty Artz

Linzy takes over for the majority of the song after that, with Franco checking in again at the end with more spoken word musings.

Franco and Linzy are working on an EP that would include "Turn It Up" and their previous effort "Shine."

The pair have been working together for a year in various stages. Linzy said in a statement to Pitchfork, "He [Franco] contributed vocals during recording sessions. He and I also exchanged video and vocals... James and I have both felt that sometimes developing projects separately and then bringing the other in later helps move the projects along."

The actor's first video with Linzy, "Shine," can be seen and heard in the video below: