James Franco References Oscar Gig on 'General Hospital' Appearance (VIDEO)

The first-time Academy Awards host also pokes fun at his jack-of-all-trades reputation.

James Franco reprised his role as serial killer Franco on Friday's episode of General Hospital and threw in a couple of Oscar jokes during the appearance.

Wearing a tuxedo and surrounded by shirtless portraits of himself, Franco pokes fun at his hosting gig as well as his jack-of-all trades reputation during a phone call with fellow hit man Jason Morgan.
"You know, I've been doing some more art," he says. "Self-portraits. I know, I know, multi-tasker. How about you? You kill anyone lately? Well, I miss that, I really do. Look, I could chat all night but I have to run. I have a big event to attend. Very, very big deal."
The actor reportedly filmed the cameo while rehearsing for the Oscars in Los Angeles. His character will return to General Hospital for a longer story arc on Monday's episode.
Franco opened his first-ever European art exhibit in Berlin earlier this month, and collaborated with director Gus Van Sant on the films Endless Idaho and My Own Private River, a  project based on unused footage of River Phoenix in My Own Private Idaho. The films are currently showing at the Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills.
Watch Franco's General Hospital scene below.