James Franco and Seth Rogen Get Bromantic Recreating Kanye West's 'Bound 2' Music Video

James Franco Seth Rogen Bound 2 Parody - H 2013

James Franco Seth Rogen Bound 2 Parody - H 2013

The shot-for-shot recreation starring the comedic buddies has Franco playing Kanye West and Rogen as a topless Kim Kardashian.

As if Kanye West's own video for "Bound 2" featuring him and his topless fiancé Kim Kardashian riding a motorcycle through the Grand Canyon wasn't enough for a good chuckle, a couple of Hollywood's funniest buddies have given it a shot-for-shot remake that's truly hilarious.
As Pitchfork reports, Seth Rogen and James Franco recently got down and dirty to remake the clip shot-for-shot with Franco playing Kanye and Rogen showing off his back hair and belly rolls playing Kardashian. It's clearly true love for these two. Just check out the passion in their embrace. 
Calling it "Phase 3", the video opens with an explanation:
"While on the set of their movie, The Interview, James Franco & Seth Rogen felt inspired to recreate their favorite new video. Shot. For. Shot."  
Rogen and his longtime collaborator Evan Goldberg are co-writing, directing and producing The Interview for Columbia Pictures. In it a talk-show host and his producer find themselves over their heads amidst a plot to assassinate the prime minister of North Korea.
Update: Kardashian and Rogen later exchanged compliments over their respective work via Twitter:

Watch the video below: