'Dark Knight' Theater Shooter Moved to Undisclosed Prison After Getting Assaulted

James Holmes - H 2015
AP Images

James Holmes - H 2015

"It was just impossible to do by myself with so many cops. I did get him six or seven good ones. … He was very scared," says the inmate who attacked the theater shooter.

James Holmes will spend the rest of his life behind bars for the 2012 Aurora Theater massacre, but just where he is now is anyone's guess.

In an usual and somewhat controversial move, the Colorado Department of Corrections transferred Holmes to an undisclosed location, possibly even out of state, after he was assaulted by a fellow inmate in the Colorado State Penitentiary in Canon City, ABC News reports.

Prison officials did not immediately return a request for additional comment.

Holmes, 28, was sentenced to life in prison last August for killing 12 people and injuring dozens more when he opened fire in a packed movie theater premiering the Batman installment The Dark Knight Rises.

Holmes was assaulted not long after he got to Canon City by inmate Mark Daniels, who was able to punch Holmes multiple times after the two came in close proximity to each other — a mistake by prison staff, according to ABC News.

"We had not allowed Holmes at that time to come into daily contact with other offenders," Colorado prisons director Steve Hager told ABC News. "That was not part of the management plan of him."

That assault led, in part, to the location move, Hager explained. "There were many concerns. The attack was part of the concern," he told the news outlet.

In a letter he wrote to Denver's Westword in December, Daniels said he wished he had inflicted more harm to Holmes.

"It was just impossible to do by myself with so many cops. I did get him six or seven good ones. … He was very scared," Daniels wrote in part.

He was disciplined for the assault, ABC News reported.

The Colorado corrections department cited non-specific "security" reasons to the news network when explaining the secrecy about the relocation.

Even authorities, such as district attorney George Brauchler, who prosecuted Holmes, do not know where Holmes has been moved, according to ABC News.

"You can Google the federal inmate locator and look up any federal inmate you've ever heard of and find where they're located right at this moment," Brauchler told the network. "As a Colorado taxpayer and a Coloradoan who had to bear the impact of his mass murder, this guy should be serving a sentence in Colorado. And if not, we should know why and where he is."