James McAvoy Predicts Scotland's "Conscious Uncoupling" From U.K.

James McAvoy - H 2015
Jonathan Short/Invision/AP

But the actor says it'll be a Gwynnie-style split in the next decade rather than a "messy break-up."

Scotland may have voted to maintain its union with the U.K. in last year's referendum, but one of its most famous Hollywood sons still expects independence to come soon.

Speaking to The Sunday Times, James McAvoy said he thought a split would happen "in the next decade," but that it would be a "grown-up, less harmful divorce" than the one that could have happened in Sept. 2014.

"When we get it, it'll be  as Gwyneth [Paltrow] once said  a conscious uncoupling, rather than a messy break-up," he said. "A lot of people who wanted it, voted no last time because they didn't like [former Scottish first minister] Alex Salmond and sensed there was ego at play, rather than a conscientious leader."

In the referendum, 55.3 percent of the vote went against independence, with such high-profile names as J.K. Rowling, Patrick Stewart and Emma Thompson voicing their support for the "Better Together" campaign.