James Murdoch's Letter to British Parliament Released to Public

Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg/Getty Images
James Murdoch

The News Corp. exec attempts to further explain the extent of his knowledge of phone hacking practices in the lengthy document.

LONDON -- A letter penned by News Corp. deputy COO James Murdoch delivered to the House of Commons Culture Media and Sport committee in the wake of his appearance July 19 has been published in full by the committee.

The contents of the letter, which can be read in full here, sees Murdoch attempt to provide information about the fallout of the phone-hacking scandal rocking News Corp.'s News International and the News of The World newspaper.

The letter and its contents are part of the fresh evidence described as "dynamite" by House of Commons Media Committee member Tom Watson as the likelihood of a return to face further questioning over conflicts in Murdoch junior's evidence becomes inevitable.

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The committee is now looking into an array of conflicts between the evidence given by James Murdoch and his father, News Corp. Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch, of what they did and did not know, and fresh evidence from former employees and law firm Harbottle & Lewis, hired at the time by News International to look into the phone-hacking scandal.

The largest area of conflict surrounds just how much James Murdoch knew, with some former News of the World and News Intl. editorial and legal executives claiming he was more informed than he says he was.

The letter's publication comes on the same day the committee also published a letter written by the NOTW's former royal editor Clive Goodman four years ago that claims phone-hacking was "widely-discussed' during editorial meetings.

James Murdoch will likely have until September to gather his evidence and version of events when the committee is expected to resume hearings.

In the letter, Murdoch, while setting out his version of who said what and when during the investigations into phone-hacking, notes he was not with News International at the time. "I am committed to ensuring that News Corporation and its subsidiary, News lnternational, will cooperate fully with you. In my responses below I have sought to provide further information in a number of areas, where this is available. It is worth highlighting at the point that a number of your specific questions concern matters which are not within my own personal knowledge.

"I would like to remind the Committee that I rejoined News Corporation in December 2007 and that News International was one of the companies in Europe and Asia for which I was responsible and that many of the underlying facts to the answers below pre-date my joining," he notes on News Corporation letterhead.

The letter goes on to detail responses to various issues raised by the Committee following his appearance alongside his father back in July.