James Van Der Beek Has an Awkward 'Dawson's Creek'-Focused Interview

Courtesy of YouTube/This Morning

"I have been on television the last 20 years, just to let you know," said Van Der Beek after he was introduced by the hosts of the U.K. show wondering aloud about what happened to him.

James Van Der Beek did not look too pleased after an uncomfortable Dawson's Creek-focused introduction ahead of his interview with U.K. show This Morning.

Hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby spoke about the various accomplishments Creek alums Katie Holmes, Michelle Williams and Joshua Jackson have had in their careers before saying, "But what happened to the main man himself, Mr. James Van Der Beek?"

"He's here now, and that's what he looks like," said Schofield, as if it were a big reveal.

"I have been on television the last 20 years, just to let you know," responded Van Der Beek, looking a bit confused.

"We know that, but it worked better as a link," Schofield said as Van Der Beek smiled and said, "Ok, all right."

The Dawson's Creek conversation continued however, with Schofield asking about the actor being 20 and playing a 15-year-old. Van Der Beek stressed that it was a long time ago.

“Would you have imagined now, that we’d still be discussing it all these years later?” said Schofield. Van Der Beek repeatedly said, "No, no," pausing and then looking at the photo on the screen behind him of the Dawson's Creek cast. "I would not imagine that I would be sitting here in front of a picture from 20 years ago," he added.

He also pointed out that when he heard the television show's theme song when he was backstage he thought to himself, "What year is it?" 

Willoughby said they were just excited about having him on the show for the first time, and that the series was a big part of her childhood. "When you come on again, we won't do all this," said Schofield. 

The interview moved on to talk about what Van Der Beek was meant to be promoting, the British comedy Carters Get Rich.