Jamie Chung Actually Carries Hot Sauce in Her Coachella Bag

Ari Perilstein / Stringer
Jamie Chung


Though the Internet is teeming with festival guides touting “everything you need” for Coachella, we doubt any will be as authentic as Jamie Chung’s list of desert-ready essentials. She’s been doing this a while, after all.

“This is my ninth year — it’s crazy!” she gushed to Pret-a-Reporter at Revolve’s Desert House Party on Saturday afternoon, noting that Coachella “never used to be a thing like four or five years ago.”

So what does a seasoned festivalgoer keep in her bag for the dusty, jam-packed weekend? “I have just random shit,” she said opening up her black bucket bag. “I have a Polaroid Camera, I have a phone charger … ” Chung continued to endlessly pull items out Mary Poppins-style from the deceivingly small bag until its entire contents were sitting before us on the table. It was then we spied the itty bitty bottle of Tabasco hot sauce.

Incredulous, we asked, “Wait, you actually carry hot sauce in your bag?” To which she playfully shot back, “Yes I do, bitch — I was Beyonce before Beyonce came out with that shit!” (She adds, “Just joking Beyonce!” because the Beygency is real.)

As for what to wear to the fest, the Once Upon a Time actress noted that staying comfortable is key. "There definitely is a very specific festival style, but I think it doesn’t lose its comfort," said Chung, who was dressed in a white Zimmermann frock and black ankle booties. "I think that some people go above and beyond, but you keep the essence of the festival."

Because at the end of the day, it's really about the music. "[Festival style] has to be very free and flowy — you’re going to be sitting on the grass and watching bands."

BAG ESSENTIALS: Inside Jamie Chung's Coachella bag. (Photo: Sam Reed)