Jamie Dornan Recalls A Special Moment With Bill Murray at a "Secret Cigar Bar" in Scotland

"I was like, 'This is maybe the coolest moment of my life.'"

Jamie Dornan recounted a memorable experience with Bill Murray while visiting Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday.

Dornan and Murray played golf together in Scotland in 2014 for the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship. Dornan said that after the tournament he had wanted to hang out with Murray but didn't know how to ask. That night he was "hammered" and decided to go to sleep, but as he stepped off the elevator onto his floor, he ran into Murray.

"He's like 'Where do you think you're going?'" recounted Dornan. When the Fifty Shades of Grey actor replied by saying "Uh, bed," Murray pushed him back into the elevator and said no.

"[We] went up to the fourth floor, [he] brought me to this secret cigar whiskey bar I didn't even know existed," said Dornan. He said Murray handed him whiskey, without talking, and they went and stood on the balcony which overlooked the golf course.

"We were there for two minutes without saying a word," said Dornan, explaining they just looked out at the starry sky. He snuck a peek at Murray to try and see what he was doing and then continued staring out.  "I was like, 'This is maybe the coolest moment of my life. I'm standing drinking whiskey with Bill Murray at the most famous golf course in the world."

After a few minutes, Murray turned and left the balcony without saying anything. Dornan said he awkwardly stood there, confused about how long he should wait before following Murray, joking that he didn't want to chase him and say "Hey Bill, we should finish that non-conversation we had." 

Ultimately he waited a few seconds before heading back in and when he saw Murray chatting with other people at the bar, he snuck off to bed.