Jamie Dornan Hopes 'A Private War' Shines Light on Syrian Crisis

Jamie Dornan at 'Robin Hood' screening - Getty - H 2018
Eugene Gologursky/FilmMagic

The actor discussed the relevance of the biographical drama at the premiere of another current film of his, 'Robin Hood.'

Though A Private War chronicles the real-life Sunday Times journalist Marie Colvin's journey reporting on the front lines of fighting in a slew of countries, Jamie Dornan told The Hollywood Reporter that he hopes the film shines a light on Syria in particular. 

"Marie died in Syria in 2012, and since her death over 500,000 civilians have died in Syria," the actor said Sunday at the New York premiere of another film in which he stars, Robin Hood. "It's not getting any better, and any light that we can shine on that fact is a good thing."

Dornan plays a photographer working alongside Colvin — played by Rosamund Pike, who he said "gives the most incredible performance" — and he said he thinks Private War might remind viewers of the deadly reality that is the ongoing Syrian Civil War. 

"We keep hearing 'Syria' in the news, and you eventually sort of get bored of it and move on," Dornan told THR. "So I'm very proud to be a part of this."