Jamie Foxx Says Family Is "Safe" After Evacuating Thousand Oaks Home Due to Fires

Jamie Foxx at the New York Screening of 'Robin Hood' - Getty - H 2018
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"Pray for everybody in California. People are losing their whole existence. We were fortunate enough to be able to move but a lot of people aren't, so just God bless all," the actor told 'Entertainment Tonight.'

Jamie Foxx has opened up about having to evacuate his home in Southern California.

Foxx spoke with Entertainment Tonight on Sunday during the New York City premiere of Robin Hood and revealed that he and his family had to evacuate their home in California because of the wildfires burning across the state. "We had to evacuate, so my kids and my family are in hotels but they're safe," he said.

"But at least 25 people lost their lives, a lot of people are hurting in my neighborhood in Thousand Oaks, and of course, you know, the shootings," he continued.

Foxx urged others to look for the good in people during the difficult time. "I can't tell people enough, in a world right now where it's sort of crazy times, to just look for the good in people. Stop looking for the bad in people," he said. "And just pray for the kids, man, pray for everybody in California. People are losing their whole existence. We were fortunate enough to be able to move but a lot of people aren't, so just God bless all."

While visiting Live With Kelly and Ryan on Tuesday, the actor further elaborated on his forced evacuation. "It's really real. People are losing everything, so send your prayers if you can," he said.

Foxx also asked for others to give "encouragement" to the firefighters. "Just to make you understand, there's that ridge of Malibu over here and Thousand Oaks on this side, so imagine them fighting the fire over here. The wind changes and it goes there, so they're fighting on so many different levels," he said.

He also gave a special shout-out to a fireman named Whistling Pete who "comes and hangs out with our kids." He added that the firefighters are working around the clock to keep everyone safe.

Foxx also addressed the recent shooting in Thousand Oaks during his appearance. "I have to say this, too. Thousand Oaks is also in my community. Please send your prayers for them, as well," he said. "It's been a tough time."

"It's been a weird year. It's been a year of people drawing lines in the sand and sort of bickering back and forth," he said, before again urging others to be kind. "Every time I go out I'm gonna I say, 'Look for the good in people. Look for all of the good in people.' All the time we are constantly looking for the bad in people. It's time to look for the good in people. As my grandmother used to say, when things start to flare up like that, when mother nature's talking, it's telling us to come together a little bit."

Foxx also spoke about the fires while visiting The Tonight Show on Monday.

"By not being there, you can't really recognize how really terrifying and devastating it is," he said. "Malibu is almost gone and people are losing everything."

He urged viewers to help out. "If you see any place where you can give money or just prayers and good energy and especially to all of the first responders," he said. "That's in my neighborhood." He again brought up Whistling Pete, who has worked "48 hours with no breaks."

While his house survived and his family is safe, Foxx added that others like Gerard Butler and Robin Thicke have lost their homes. "And others. Not just celebrities. I mean people in communities," he said. "So just give them good energy."

He also touched on the Thousand Oaks shooting during the late-night show appearance. "I know a lot of times we're afraid to speak out on things because you never know who may be affiliated with what, but all I can tell you is that to hear in the fourth-safest place in the world, something tragic like that happened," he said. "We have to voice, because like I said, those are our kids and our family. And that police officer, we see that guy every time we go right off of Hampshire in Thousand Oaks and he's a hero, so please give your prayers."

Foxx concluded the topic by reiterating the idea that everyone should start looking for the good in people.