Jamie Foxx Saves Driver From Burning Truck

Getty Images
Jamie Foxx

The actor called 911 and then ran to help the driver, who crashed his truck close to the actor's house.

Jamie Foxx became a real-life hero Monday night. 

After a driver crashed his truck close to the actor's home, Foxx called 911 and ran to help, pulling the man out of the vehicle that had just caught on fire. The driver was identified by ABC7 as Brett Kyle. 

Kyle was speeding down a road in Hidden Valley outside Los Angeles when he crashed, according to ABC7. The truck rolled over several times before catching fire. 

Foxx told ABC7 that he heard the crash and ran outside to help after calling the police. The actor and another man helped to rescue the driver, using EMT scissors to cut Kyle's seatbelt off before pulling him out of the truck. 

"Your son's a fighter," Foxx told Brad Kyle, the driver's father, in the interview. 

"He's got two sisters and a brother," said Kyle's father. "They would have lost their brother if it wasn't for him."

Watch the news clip below: