iHeartRadio Music Awards 2015: Jamie Foxx Sings About Being an "African-American Sniper" (Video)

The host donned a cowboy hat and boots while performing a country song loaded with 'American Sniper' references.

While hosting the iHeartRadio Music Awards on Sunday night, Jamie Foxx donned a cowboy hat and boots midshow to perform a country song sprinkled with American Sniper references.

With guitar accompaniment, Foxx did his best imitation of a country accent, saying, "I ain't no stranger to country music. ... Country singers are just like these rappers — like your Snoopies and your Jiggers — they write about whatever they did during the day."

He then sang the lyrics: "Woke up in the morning and I grabbed my gun, and I told my son he should grab his gun, and then I told my wife we should all just ... grab our guns. Well, I just saw American Sniper and I broke my windshield wiper, and soon we'll be comin' 'round the bend. Well, you know my heart is burnin' ... and I'm just so proud to be an American."

Foxx ended the country song as he belted out: "I'm an African-American sniper."