Jamie Lee Curtis questions 'True Lies' reboot

Actress isn't sure how James Cameron will 'make it funny'

Jamie Lee Curtis is a bit dubious of James Cameron's "True Lies" TV reboot.

"What's beautiful about 'True Lies' is the mistaken identity part. So once she knows he's a spy, I don't know how you can continue that," Curtis -- who starred as Arnold Schwarzenegger's unsuspecting wife in the 1994 film -- told The Hollywood Reporter at Wednesday's premiere of her new flick, "You Again," out Friday. "How are they going to make it funny once she finds out what he does?"

But she isn't totally against it. "I think movies can make good TV series," the actress says of the project, which ABC landed last week. "I'll be interested to see how they develop."

Curtis would still jump at the chance to reprise her character.

"I would play Helen again in a heartbeat," she tells THR. "But they're not going to have it be a 52-year-old Helen, I'll tell you now."

Would she play, say, Helen's mom? "I don't need to play Helen's mom," Curtis scoffed. "I already played Helen."

But she hasn't heard from Cameron, regardless: "Nothing. Not a word. I don't own it. I was just in it."
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