Jamie Roberts leaving GSN

Will launch independent company

Jamie Roberts has stepped down as head of programming at GSN.

Roberts said Friday that he is launching an independent production firm based in Los Angeles that will focus on cross-platform programming for the global market. The company has signed a first-look production deal with GSN.

A search for his replacement is under way, with Roberts staying in his current role as senior vp programming until his successor is found.

Roberts is the latest in a line of executives to depart the network since David Goldhill became CEO in August. In a statement, he said he'd been mulling the change for a while.

"I've been itching to get back to producing and have been thinking about making the switch for some time," Roberts said. "I see an incredible opportunity ahead and look forward to working together with the new head of programming in continuing to create and produce new cross-platform content which keeps audiences entertained and engaged."

British-born Roberts, who came to GSN in 2006 after 10 years at Sky Networks, was responsible for developing original programs for the network, including "Grand Slam" and the upcoming "Catch-21."

Goldhill said Roberts was "an architect of GSN's shift in focus and has helped us gain our footing in creating new and innovative cross-platform franchises that drive audience participation."

Participatory and cross-platform content has been a primary focus of GSN's. New initiatives under Roberts included daytime block "GSN Live," which gives viewers the chance to participate to win cash and prizes and advertisers the opportunity to integrate with game content, and "Bingo America," in which viewers can print cards and play along for a chance to win money.