Jane Fonda Blasts President Obama for Allowing Shell to Restart Arctic Drilling

Jane Fonda Rape Foundation Brunch H 2014
Danny Moloshok/Invision/AP


Jane Fonda Rape Foundation Brunch H 2014

The Hollywood actress said she's not waiting for Obama's ruling on the proposed Keystone XL pipeline construction; she's marching Sunday in Toronto for renewable energy.

Jane Fonda slammed U.S. president Barack Obama for allowing Shell to resume oil drilling in the Arctic Ocean.

"He (Obama) has just given Shell permission to drill in the Arctic. It's inconceivable," Fonda told The Hollywood Reporter on Saturday. Her comments came ahead of her scheduled march on Sunday in Toronto alongside fellow celebrities, including Naomi Klein and singer Joel Plaskett, to protest Canada's controversial oilsands project and the efforts to ship Canadian crude oil to the U.S. Gulf Coast.

"We can't wait for politicians, whether it's (Canadian prime minister} [Stephen] Harper or Obama. We have to force them to do the right thing or force them out of office," she argued. Fonda pointed to a generational threat to the world climate from continuing oil drilling and burning of fossil fuels, and the potential of renewable energy sources to reverse that environmental catastrophe.

"It boils my blood that people I helped bring to office would endanger the lives of my grandchildren," she added. Fonda also joined the march with First Nations communities in Vancouver in June against oil pipelines and tankers on the west coast.

She said that the upcoming Toronto march will include unions representing oil and gas industry workers who are urging political leaders to help create cleaner jobs to undo damage to the world environment. "The message is you don't have to make a choice between the economy and the climate. The technology of sustainable and renewal energy is already there and we need to invest in that," Fonda said.