Jane Fonda Doesn't Want to "Bullshit" Harvey Keitel in 'Youth' Clip (Exclusive Video)

Michael Caine also stars in the film from director Paolo Sorrentino.

Jane Fonda always has been a straight shooter.

Brenda Morel, a facetious legendary screen actress played by Fonda in Fox Searchlight's comedy-drama Youth, is no different.

Youth follows aging composer Fred, played by Michael Caine, as he vacations in the Swiss Alps with his friend Mick (Harvey Keitel), a Hollywood writer trying to finish his final screenplay.

In the clip, Fonda wears a strikingly yellow dress, a ostentatious wig and dramatic costume jewelry, all the while insulting a ridiculous modern-art installation made with recycled snow skis. In other words, it is everything audiences ever could want from a Jane Fonda performance.

Fonda's Brenda then talks to Keitel's Mick, her old friend and colleague, about his final grasp at creativity and pulls no punches when telling him what she really thinks about his prospective project.

"After 53 years of friendship and 11 films together, you don't think I am going to start to bullshit now, do you?" Brenda asks Mick in the exclusive clip.

Youth, which was directed by Italian director Paolo Sorrentino, hits theaters in a limited release on Dec. 4.  Watch the scene above.