'Jane Fonda in Five Acts' Trailer Shows Candid Look at Actress' Personal Life

The documentary gives an intimate look at Fonda's childhood, acting career, activism and controversies.

HBO on Monday released the first trailer for the Susan Lacy-directed documentary Jane Fonda in Five Acts, which gives an intimate look into the life, work, activism and controversies surrounding the titular actress.

The trailer opens with Fonda being introduced as "one of Hollywood's most exciting new stars" decades ago. Another reporter states that the actress has received a good amount of hostility due to her activism. 

"This is the beginning of my last act," says Fonda in a voiceover. "In order to know how to go forward, I'm gonna have to know where I've been."

"I wanted to please Dad," she says of her early acting career. "I never felt real. I just thought, 'I gotta find who I really am.'"

Fonda then discusses her activism, particularly her fight against the Vietnam War. "I'm proud of most of what I did, and I'm very sorry for some of what I did," she says.

The actress also touches on her three marriages to Roger Vadim, Tom Hayden and Ted Turner, but says that "none of my marriages were democratic because I had to be a certain way. I had to look a certain way." Interviews with Fonda's friends and co-stars, including Robert Redford and Sam Waterston, appear throughout the trailer.

"It took me a really long time to find my own narrative," Fonda says at the conclusion of the trailer as clips from her childhood, acting career and famous workout videos play. "But I am what I am."

Jane Fonda in Five Acts is set to premiere Sept. 24 on HBO.