Jane Fonda Puts an End to the Face vs. Ass Debate

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Jane Fonda

The fitness queen on why she's happy she gained eight pounds.

By now, Jane Fonda is used to receiving compliments on acting (she has won two Academy Awards), fashion (The Cut recently dubbed her a "fashion icon") and fitness (of course).

But lately, the 78-year-old legend has been getting praise for two other things, and at the same time: Her ass and her face.

It's all because she's happily put on a few pounds. 

"I'm eight pounds heavier than I was during Season 1," Fonda tells The Hollywood Reporter, referring to the Netflix dramedy Grace and Frankie which debuted in 2015 and was recently picked up for a third season. The actress recently blogged about her weight gain on her personal website, writing at the end of May that she had gained five to six 6 pounds. The results? "I look better," she wrote. "When I was growing up we were told when that when women get older we'd have to choose between our ass and our face, well guess what, it's a false choice. I've gained some weight and I’ve gotten complements [sic] on both!!"

As for why she put on the weight, Fonda admits that she lost too much weight in 2015 — she didn't say how or why — and it really showed in her face. Although she's feeling fab about her figure now, she is not willing to let the scale take control of her life. 

Says Fonda, "I grew up with a lot of body issues, so I have to really watch myself so I don't get obsessive."