Jane Fonda of 'Youth' on Returning to Acting in Her 60s: "I Feel Like a Complete Novice" — Actress Oscar Roundtable

"I wanted to work with Paolo Sorrentino. I didn't get to work with Fellini or Antonioni, so this is a real opportunity to work with somebody who's very special."

"Al Pacino said, 'There's this role that was written for you,' but another actor was cast in it, so when the other actor dropped out, I hadn't even read the script, but I said to my agent, 'Go after it for me,' " actress Jane Fonda told The Hollywood Reporter during the Actress Oscar Roundtable. "I accepted it because I wanted to work with Paolo Sorrentino because I thought, you know, I didn't get to work with Fellini or Antonioni, and so this is a real opportunity to work with someone who's very special, very different," she said of how she landed her role in Youth.

When asked if playing a brief character is more difficult, Fonda praised her director, saying, "A scene like Sorrentino gave me in Youth, it's so complete unto itself, and it's so specific, that it was pretty easy."

"I never wanted to be an actor," she admitted. "My dad [legendary actor Henry Fonda] was an actor, and he never brought joy home, so I didn't view it as something that I would want to do. But I got fired as a secretary, and then I started studying, and Lee Strasberg said I was talented, so I started doing it just to earn money." confessed Fonda. "It took me a long time to learn to love it."

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