Jane Lynch Raps a Nicki Minaj Song for 'Conan' (Video)

Jane Lynch

"Roseanne, it's not your fault you were attracted to Tom. You thought with all that white powder on his upper lip, there must be a doughnut somewhere."

"They don't expect it from a six-foot white lady," the "Glee" star quips.

Having proven her vocal chops several times on Fox's Glee, Jane Lynch showed that she can drop some rhymes, too.

The McKinley cheerleading coach you love to hate dropped by Conan on Monday, where she revealed that she will be doing Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass." Of course, she had to demonstrate for the audience. 

Lynch then rolled out several lyrics flawlessly, with the cheers from the audience getting so loud they almost drowned her out. 

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"It took me so long! I worked so hard on that," Lynch explained. "And they don't expect it from a six-foot white lady." 

"That's fantastic, and you can use that so many times in your life," Conan quipped. 

Glee has covered the American Idol judge's songs a couple of times before, with "Starships" and, most recently, "Fly." 

Lynch will also be continuing her musical career when she steps into Miss Hannigan's shoes on Broadway for Annie. Lynch's tenure with the production will be for eight weeks, starting May 16.