Jane Lynch Talks Touring After 'Glee': "I Revel in It" (Q&A)

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Jane Lynch

No longer a tyrannical cheerleading coach, the actress expands on 'See Jane Sing,' her nationally touring musical-comedy variety show.

After six seasons of playing tyrannical cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester, for which she won a best supporting actress Emmy in 2009, Jane Lynch is embarking on her first major post-Glee project, See Jane Sing, her nationally touring musical-comedy variety show.

Lynch — no stranger to live performance, having been a member of The Second City improv group in Chicago and starring in the Broadway revival Annie in 2013 — combines comedy chops with musical highs in a show with live orchestration, song-and-dance numbers and fast-paced witty banter between Lynch and co-stars Kate Flannery (best known for her role as Meredith Palmer on The Office) and Tim Davis, the vocal coordinator for Glee.

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See below for THR's edited conversation with Lynch about what to expect from her newest foray into musical theater and the worst part of putting together a live show.

What can ticketholders expect from See Jane Sing?

Well, it’s an hour of fast, fun music with hopefully a bunch of hilarious patter in between songs. My friend Kate Flannery joins me for a bulk of it and we do some numbers together, and my friend Tim Davis, who is a wonderful crooner, opens for us and he also joins us and does some three-part harmony. I have a terrific quintet behind me, just an amazing band.

How’d you pick the songs?

It’s a bunch of songs that I just like. In fact, I say at the beginning of the show, "Join me on a musical journey through a world of songs that have very little to do with one another." My friends would all tell me, "You know, once you make the list you’ll see a theme emerge," and no theme emerged. So, I said, ‘Well, we’ll make this a non-themed show.’ The energy is really high and we have a great time.

What's the most annoying thing about a national tour?

I have a rule: We fly everywhere. We only can change planes once. And if we have to drive between gigs, it's no more than two and a half hours.



What's the best part of performing live?

I do revel in it. I love the interaction with the audience. I love how they’re like another component of the experience, and you don’t have that with television and film. The live stuff, it surprised me how much I missed it because I hadn’t really missed it. When I [did Annie,] I had such a blast. I love theater, I love theater people, I love putting on my own makeup, I love the schedule, I love everything about it. And now I’m having the exact same fun doing this cabaret show all over the country.