Meet Gina Rodriguez's Golden Globes Glam Squad

gina_rodriguez's_glam_squad_IG - P 2015

gina_rodriguez's_glam_squad_IG - P 2015

Before the 'Jane the Virgin' star hits the red carpet for Sunday's award show, get to know the folks who will have her looking Globes ready

With her first-ever Golden Globe nomination for her lead role in The CW dramedy Jane the Virgin, Gina Rodriguez is having a major moment. As she gets ready for one of her biggest nights yet during this awards season, there's no doubt the actress will be having her team of image makers close by her side. Before you catch Rodriguez's shining moment at Sunday's ceremony, meet the glam squad that will be getting her red-carpet ready.

THE STYLIST: Lauren Rodriguez's Instagram bio reads: "I'm a horrible speller but an expert when it comes to shopping!!!!!" The latter has most certainly worked out in her favor, as she's been styling the actress since her Filly Brown days. The longtime friends connected through Lauren's boyfriend, Jorge Diaz, who also starred in Filly Brown. "I was going to Sundance, and I couldn't afford a stylist. She was like, 'I would love to style you,' and she styled me for Sundance," Gina told us in December. "She's my style guru."

THE MANE MAN: After meeting and working with Rodriguez for her Cosmo Latina photo shoot for the first time, hairstylist Paul Norton was instantly charmed by the actress. "I can definitely count on one hand the girls I've come across that I instantly fall in love with, and know I will be friends with and work with, and Gina is definitely one of those people," Norton, who also counts House of Cards actress Robin Wright as a client, tells Pret-a-Reporter. Having just styled her shiny locks for the People's Choice Awards ("I envisioned simplicity," he says of the look), Norton is ready for Sunday. Her Globes hairdo will "embody an Old Hollywood look," he tells us, adding, "I feel like every girl in Hollywood should pay a nod to those before her." A classic look for a star who sounds like she'll have a long career ahead of her? We can't think anything more fitting.

THE MAKEUP ARTIST: "She is the muse every makeup artist dreams of," says Jenna Anton of Rodriguez. "She has this gorgeous olive skin tone with beauty marks perfectly sprinkled ever so effortlessly." Anton, who also works with Scandal's Bellamy Young, first started working with Rodriguez while she was shooting her press photos for Jane the Virgin. Since then, they've become inseparable. "When you establish a connection, creatively and personally, you make a point to continue collaborating when possible," notes the beauty guru. And you can bet Anton will be continuing their relationship this Sunday, when she paints Rodriguez's face pretty before the Globes. So what can we expect? Hints Anton: "It will feel a little flirtatious!"