'Jane the Virgin' Star Teases Season Two Surprises

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Spoiler alert: Jaime Camil says Jane's kidnapped baby will be quickly returned and Rogelio's ex-wife will return to complicate his new marriage to Xiomara.

Mexican actor Jaime Camil has a few teases about the upcoming second season of Jane the Virgin.

First spoiler alert: Jane's new born baby, kidnapped during the rookie season finale, is safely and speedily returned in the upcoming season. The breakout CW hit is, after all, a comedy.

"That's what Jennie told us. She shared ... that the baby needs to come back fast," Camil said while attending the Banff World Media Festival after being assured by Jennie Snyder Urman, the Jane the Virgin showrunner. Camil in the comedy plays the father of Jane (Gina Rodriguez) and the fictional telenovela star Rogelio De La Vega.

He insisted Rogelio and Xiomara's surprise marriage in Las Vegas will be tested in the second season. "Rogelio — he's married now. I don't know if the marriage is legit, or if legit, how Jennie will develop that. I think also Rogelio will have a very hard time referring to himself as a grandfather, as he has a thing with age," Camil said.

To add to complications, Rogelio's cheating ex-wife returns in the second season. That's his first wife, not his second, who is also his manager.

"There's a (first season) scene where Rogelio gets mad with Xiomara and tells Jane, 'it starts with a kiss and continues with a tabloid picture of your ex-wife getting out of a famous rapper's trailer," Camil said. "That's the character they're bringing back, the one that broke Rogelio's heart," he added.

Camil is coy about the second season, not least because he and his fellow cast are not in Snyder Urman's circle of trust to ensure spontaneous performances on set. "We found out who (villain) Sin Rostro was at the table read. As a cast, we decided not to read the season finale episode until we were at the table read together," he recalled.

"So we were surprised the same way the audience was surprised, and found out the cliffhanger there: Oh my God! They're going to kidnap the baby?" Camil added. But the actor has full confidence in Snyder Urman and her writing team to ensure an engaging Rogelio returns for the second season of Jane the Virgin.

"Whatever they write for the character will be brilliant. They've been doing this for one season, and it's just amazing to be working with this very intelligent group of individual writers," Camil said. The Banff World Media Festival wraps on Wednesday.