Jane's Addiction's Avery preps solo debut


NEW YORK -- Eric Avery, whose bass parts were a signature element of Jane's Addiction's early classics, will release his solo debut this spring. "Help Wanted" is due April 8 via the Dangerbird label and features guest appearances by Flea, Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins and Garbage vocalist Shirley Manson.

"They're all friends of mine, so it was kind of an informal invite," Avery tells Billboard.com. "I played about two-thirds of the music, aside from the drums."

According to Avery, the album draws on a wide variety of influences. "I've always had really eclectic musical taste -- Flipper, Joy Division, Black Flag, Yes and Bronze," he says. "The only cohesive aspect to the record is that it's really eclectic."

That approach is evident on the single "All Remote and No Control," which can be sampled on Avery's MySpace page. "The drumming is Taylor Hawkins', and he's got a very '70s rock feel. The bass and guitar part are more late '80s. The guitar part reminds me of Siouxsie and the Banshees."

"Help Wanted" also will include the sample-based "Beside the Fire," "Belly of an Insect" (described as "poppy like the Buzzcocks"), and "Sun's Gone," which Avery says was influenced by being "raised by a father who was absolutely obsessed with and can recite oodles of poetry."

Avery has no plans to tour in support of the album ("If there was a reason to, we would, but I doubt it," he says) and is not in contact with any of his old Jane's mates beyond Dave Navarro ("We get together for our annual or biannual 'Hey, what are you up to?,'" he says).

But he is planning on penning a soundtrack for a documentary by director Abel Ferrara about New York's famed Chelsea Hotel.