Janet Jackson Blames Michael's Executors, Estate Lawyers for 'Preposterous' Media Reports

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Addressing coverage of mother Katherine's kidnapping and alleged abuse to her niece and nephews, the late singer's sister calls his estate's legal team "relentless."

Just one day after Katherine Jackson implied that she was tricked into spending time at a Tuscon, Ariz., spa -- where she was allowed no communication with the grandchildren charged to her care since son Michael's 2009 death -- Janet Jackson has called out her late brother's executors and lawyer for generating the media circus around his contested will.

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Writing on behalf of Janet, Randie and Rebbie Jackson, attorney Blair G. Brown sent out the lengthy document late Friday evening.

"The negative media campaign generated by the executors and their agents has been relentless," it reads, referring to Jackson executors John Branca, John McClain and estate lawyer Howard Weitzman.

Brown goes on to say the aforementioned and "those installed and paid to do their bidding" planted the "preposterous" reports of Katherine's kidnapping and alleged physical and verbal abuse of Prince, Paris and Blanket.

The trio Brown speaks on behalf of also insist that they are questioning the validity of Michael's will "with no financial motivation whatsoever" and "stand nothing to gain financially by finding that the will is invalid." (The latter quote is repeated twice for emphasis.)

Read the full document below: