Janet Jackson Debuts "No Sleeep" Video

Janet Jackson H 2013


Janet Jackson H 2013

The legendary singer teamed up with J. Cole for a remixed version of her new song.

Only two days after the release of Janet Jackson's remix to "No Sleeep" featuring J. Cole, the legendary singer released the chill official music video for her single.

In the music video, directed by Dave Meyers, Jackson is seen roaming through her house, reminiscing of a love while it pours outside. Cole comes in mid-way, sitting beside her and at times singing to her. She isn't shy to flash her signature smile throughout the time he's spitting his love-struck bars.

"Drunk off love we both feel deep down/ But too scared to say 'cause we know how this ends/ Thinking maybe we be better off friends with benefits/ For the moment this adrenaline got feeling like a kid again/ 'Butterflies' like MJ," Cole raps.

"I hope u enjoy watching this as much as we enjoyed making it," Jackson says as the caption on the video's YouTube page.

“No Sleeep" will be featured on Janet Jackson's upcoming album, slated for a fall release.

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