Billboard Music Awards: Janet Jackson Performs Medley of "Nasty," "If" and "Throb"

The pop superstar then accepted the Icon Award from Bruno Mars.

Since the '80s, Janet Jackson has been one of the most ambitious artists in pop music, pushing music forward in new directions with each album. At the 2018 Billboard Music Awards, where she was honored with the Icon Award, Jackson took the stage to perform a medley of three killer dance gems from her catalog: "Nasty," "If" and "Throb."  

Jackson opened with "Nasty," the 1986 Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 from Control. Janet — or Ms. Jackson, if you're nasty — prowled the stage in a shimmery gold pullover and thigh-high boots. Asking the crowd, "Get the point? Good! Then let's dance," she blessedly delivered the song's iconic line to the audience's joyous response.    

Then the sultry, dirty horn riff of her acid house classic "Throb" kicked in (Andy Cohen was loving it) and she delivered a high-energy run-through of that. She also worked in some of the music and choreography of "If" from the same LP (which just turned 25) before wrapping up and accepting her Icon Award with a moving speech about compassion, love and God.  

Watch Jackson's performance above.  

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