Japan’s ‘My Man’ Takes Asian Project Market Prize

Kazuyoshi Kumakiri’s pitch gets $20,000; six awards in total.

BUSAN, South Korea -- Yet-to-be-made film projects vied for prizes at the Asian Project Market (APM), with the top award going to Kazuyoshi Kumakiri’s My Man – Watashino Otoko, which Thursday walked away with a $20,000 check from Busan Metropolitan City officials.

Organizers of the market for finished films, the Asian Film Market (Oct. 10-13), claimed that the sixth edition closed with record number of business deals in an integrated new venue at BEXCO.

A total of 109 exhibition booths from 28 countries took part in the market, up 113 percent from last year’s 59. The number of badge holders went up 38 percent, from 789 to 1,080. The figures include the count for the Busan International Film Commission (BIFCOM), which had previously been held separately. On the first day alone the market attracted 4,321 visitors and an average of 2,800 for the following three days.

Other APM awards handed out include The Kodak Award (20 million won/$17,280 worth of film), for a Korean project went to Park Chan-kyong’s When the Bell Rings Itself (working title). The Goteborg Film Festival Fund went to Memories on Stone by Kurdish auteur Shawkat Amin Korki and The Tale of a Policeman by Bangladeshi filmmaker Abu Shahed Emon; and the $10,000 CJ Entertainment Award to Chinese cineaste Carol Lai Miu-suet’s Ocean of Love.


2011 Asian Project Market Awards

Busan Award ($20,000)

My Man – Watashino Otoko, Kazuyoshi Kumakiri (Japan)


Kodak Award (20 million won worth of film)

When the Bell Rings Itself (working title), Park Chan-kyong (Korea)


Goteborg International Film Festival Fund (3 million won)

Memories on Stone, Shawkat Amin Korki (Kurd)

The Tale of a Policeman, Abu Shahed Emon (Bangladesh)


CJ Entertainment Award ($10,000)

Ocean of Love, Carol Lai Miu-suet (China)


Lotte Award (10 million won) 

Last Confession, Lee Moo-young (Korea)


Panstar Cruise Award (10 million won)

One More, Shivajee Chandrabhushan (India)