Japanese Content at TIFFCOM Market to get Government Export Support This Year

Three other contents markets will join TIFFCOM at its new venue during the 25th Tokyo International Film Festival.

TOKYO – TIFFCOM, the contents market of the Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF), announced a government-subsidized export fund, as well as plans for three other markets to join it at its new venue this year.   

At a meeting in Tokyo on Thursday, the “Fund for Exporting Japanese Content,” for Japanese exhibitors offering domestically produced content at TIFFCOM, to be supported by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), was officially launched. Further details of the fund’s operations will be announced within the next month.

TIFFCOM will be joined by the 8th Tokyo International Music Market (TIMM), the Tokyo International Anime Festival?TIAF?2012 Autumn and the Creative Market Tokyo 2012 (CMT), at its new venue, the Hotel Grand Pacific Le Daiba in the Odaiba area of Tokyo Bay this fall.

“We will offer a “one-stop marketplace” for content - film, TV, music, animation - and creators in October, where buyers and sellers can experience Japan’s creative power and meet all the key persons in the industry,” said Chizuru Suga from METI’s media and content industry division.

Organizers promise the new location will offer 20 percent more exhibition space, as well screening rooms, presentation spaces and other new features, all on one floor.

“TIFFCOM will celebrate its ninth event by moving to a new venue. We believe that this is another step towards a larger overseas presence for Japanese content and a much stronger base as an international content business market,” said Mika Morishita, director of TIFFCOM.

TIFFCOM 2012 will be held Oct. 23 to 25, during the 25th edition of TIFF, which will run from Oct. 20 to 28 at its regular Roppongi Hills venue in central Tokyo.