Japanese Hit Drama 'Hanzawa Naoki' Sells to Hong Kong, Taiwan

Masato Sakai as bank worker Naoki Hanzawa

Tokyo Broadcasting System Television says the show, which drew a 42.2 percent audience share for its season finale, has been attracting offers from overseas, making further deals likely.

TOKYO – Banking drama Hanzawa Naoki will be aired in Taiwan and Hong Kong, with sales to more territories under negotiation for the show, which scored the highest ratings in three decades in Japan.

Tokyo Broadcasting System Television (TBS) reported huge interest in the drama, starring Masato Sakai as bank worker Naoki Hanzawa, at the Taipei TV Festival market, which opened on Sept. 25, just days after the season finale in Japan had registered a 42.2 percent audience share.

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Hanzawa Naoki is set to air in Taiwan on Oct. 13 and on cable in Hong Kong before the end of the year.

The drama has reportedly already built up a following via illegal online streaming sites in Hong Kong, where the large population of office workers also relate to the heroics of the title character that captured audiences in Japan.

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