Japan's morning dramas continue slide

Once dominant programming hits all-time ratings low

TOKYO – Pubcaster NHK's once all-conquering morning dramas continue to plumb new ratings depths with the latest pulling only 14.8% around the Tokyo region and 10.8% around Osaka, according to data from Video Research Ltd.

The figures for “Gegege no Nyoubou,” which started its run on Monday and is based on the story of a manga artist's wife, had an even worse opening than the “Welkame” drama that just finished, and had itself set a new record ratings low.

The ratings for the “asadora,” as the shows are known in Japanese, have been a long downward trend since the days when they regularly grabbed over 30% and the biggest hits would break the 40% ratings mark. The latest figures, which are the lowest since ratings data collection began in 1964, may have been further damaged by the moving of the slot 15 mins earlier to 8 am.
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