Japan's Takeshi Kitano to Launch Online Magazine

Takeshi Kitano

The multi-talented entertainer will write manga, poems and an "agony uncle" column for the new venture.

Japanese director, screenwriter, actor, TV host and comedian Takeshi Kitano (Hana-bi, Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence) is adding another role to his resume as a multi-hyphenate, launching a monthly online magazine, for which he will also edit and write content.

Known as Beat Takeshi in Japan for everything apart from his directorial work, the international film festival favorite will also write manga, poems and host an "agony uncle" column in what will be titled the Owarai KGB (Big laughs — expose the wig-wearers) magazine, set to debut this fall. 

A column of his thoughts and funny episodes from his adventures in the celebrity world was serialized in weekly tabloid Asahi Geino, famous for its risque and sensationalist coverage, and subsequently issued as a collection in a book.   

After discussions for a year with editors at Tokuma Shoten, the publisher of Asahi Geino and former owner of Hayao Miyazaki's Studio Ghibli, Kitano decided to launch the new online title.

"The stimulus for starting the magazine were Takeshi's original manga series, which we already had a few of, as well as the 'agony uncle' idea, the original poems. We will be renewing content monthly," said an editor from the publishing house, according to local online news site The Page.

Takeshi's Zatoichi, a version of the classic blind swordsman tale that he wrote, directed and starred in, won the Silver Lion at Venice Film Festival in 2003, while his Outrage Beyond yakuza gangster sequel screened there in 2012.


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