Jared Fogle: FBI Informant Gives Interview, Pleased to Have Taken Down "Monster"

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Rochelle Herman-Walrond said she worked with investigators over the course of four years, wearing a wire on occasion, to bring down the former Subway spokesman.

One of the FBI informants who helped bring down Jared Fogle has spoken of her relief after the former Subway spokesman pleaded guilty to child pornography charges against him.

In an interview with Florida's ABC 7, Rochelle Herman-Walrond said she was "numb" and "shocked" but ultimately "pleased with the outcome" of an investigation she said had spanned many years.

Herman-Walrond said she at first thought that Fogle would be charged only with child pornography possession, but wasn't unduly surprised he later was charged with "sex acts with children."

In conversations stretching back 10 years, Fogle had confided in Herman-Walrond about his sexual fantasies and proclivities, telling her in graphic detail "what he wanted to do, what he was doing." Extremely concerned by what Fogle had told her, Herman-Walrond informed authorities, who enlisted her in recording future conversations with Fogle. 

Herman-Walrond said that she was at first concerned about the length of time it took to arrest Fogle, saying her "biggest question was why was it taking so long." She was told by the FBI and U.S. Attorney's office that a case of that size would take a long time to put together. 

Herman-Walrond also was not surprised she was not the only person Fogle had confided in, after it was revealed in court that a number of informants had been helping the FBI build their case. She speculated that "he had something that was compelling him inside that wanted to reveal to what he was doing."