News Flash: Jared Leto Cut His Hair

Jared Leto - H 2015
AP Images

Jared Leto - H 2015

So long, mane.

Jared Leto's hair has always been a much-talked-about topic at Pret-a-Reporter (see here, here and here), so we felt it was our duty to let everyone know that it appears the Thirty Seconds to Mars frontman has chopped off his luscious locks in preparation for his upcoming role as the Joker in Suicide Squad.

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It all started with a tweet Sunday evening, when Leto posted a selfie with colorful scribbles around his face and the words "Tick Tock." A few hours later, he tweeted an image that read "I miss my beard already."

On Monday morning, Suicide Squad director David Ayer posted a black-and-white image of a pair of scissors about to chop off what is likely Leto's ponytail. He later confirmed the deed was done when he posted another photo of the actor without his Jesus-like beard and a new shorter do.

Not surprisingly, fans are already using the hashtag #RIPJaredLetosHair to mourn the situation.