This is the Strategy Behind Jared Leto's Man Braid

Jared Leto Braid - H 2014

Jared Leto Braid - H 2014

Sorry — we mean "mraid." Don't call it a man braid, says his hairdresser Chase Kusero, who breaks down the the art and science behind the Golden Globes look that now has its very own Twitter handle.

He's done it again: Jared Leto's perfectly messy ombre French braid, accompanied by a full beard and cool white tux, stole the show at the Golden Globes. It's a few days after the award shows and all we remember are several stunning redhead winners, Amal Clooney's hilariously nonchalant demeanor, a bunch of boobs and that Pinterest-worthy plait. Try as they might, it seems no woman can make waves like this man's. The mraid, as hairdresser Chase Kusero has now coined it, is even on Twitter. Seriously: @jaredletosbraid.

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"Last year I pulled Jared's hair back into a messy bun, and it was the explosion of the man bun, so this year I knew everyone was anticipating another one," the star's hairstylist Kusero tells Pret-a-Reporter. "It's always incredibly important to me that my clients — especially Jared — not repeat the same look they, or anyone else, had in the past, especially during award season." And while True Detective director Cary Joji Fukunaga accepted his Emmy last year in pigtail French braids, we certainly can't remember any occasion a celeb — male or female — wore a plait like this on the carpet.

Somewhere in his evolution from My So-Called Life heartthrob to 30 Seconds to Mars rocker to serious actor, the 43-year-old became a beauty icon to both sexes. He and Kusero Instagrammed a selfie on Sunday — with Leto's locks flowing free across his shoulders — teasing followers about their hair plans.

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"I really liked the idea of still pulling his hair back," says Kusero. "Everything I do with Jared is organic and natural. Because he can pull it off, I decided a loose, messy braid fastened at the bottom with his own hair was as effortless and strong as we could get."

To get the look, Kusero first applied an as-yet-unnamed sample product from his product line IGK (launching next year) consisting of coconut milk and filtered ocean water from the Virgin Islands to Leto's hair, then blow-dried it. ("At home you can start with dry hair and dry shampoo," he says.) "Next, pull the hair into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck and create a French braid, temporarily fastening it with a large cloth band. Rub the braid between two fingers to create a flat, rough texture, then, using a hairpin, pull out strands for an undone effect," he continues.

Before removing the temporary band, Kusero spritzed hairspray on the ends, teased them with a fine-tooth comb then used a cool hairdryer on the ends. Finally, "remove the band and wrap a section of the hair around the bottom," he says. 

And voila, "the most natural way to wear a braid," says Kusero. We can't wait to see where the mraid shows up next.