Jason Binn Launches New Multi-Platform Luxury Publication

Heidi Klum, Jamie Foxx, Kim Kardashian, Jason Binn
Larry Busacca/Getty Images

“I met Elton John tonight and it’s his party," Kardashian told THR. "It’s such a great party, and he’s amazing. What a nice guy.”


The mogul who ran Los Angeles Confidential and Hamptons pitches his latest, Du Jour, to the super-affluent.

Du Jour magazine, a new luxury lifestyle publication from Niche Media founder and former CEO Jason Binn, will debut in print and online August 20.

The publication’s two forms, a glossy quarterly print edition and monthly online edition, are exclusively targeted to a readership of the 1%. 250,000 print copies will be distributed to readers culled by Binn’s group based on seven criteria -- among them an average net worth of $5 million, average home values in excess of $1.5 million, and an average income in excess of $250,000 -- of which recipients had to meet five. And the monthly online edition will be sent to the 3 million most affluent members of the online flash-sale shopping hub Gilt Groupe.

“That’s what the advertisers want,” Binn told THR. The 300-page inaugural issue -- with Christy Turlington on its cover -- includes about 100 pages of high-end ads. Binn also credits advertisers’ interest to the multi-platform strategy -- “I think there’s very few media outlets where you could sell to print alone, digital alone, or print and digital,” as Du Jour offered, he added. “We were able to bring all these touch points, and it allowed the advertisers to have a one-stop shop.”

An additional 15,000 print copies will be distributed on newsstands nationwide.

Binn controlled lifestyle publications such as Los Angeles Confidential and Hamptons while leading Niche. Du Jour’s coverage will range from entertainment, luxury fashion, and design to politics and philanthropy. Among the editors and contributors are Kate Betts, John Connelly, and Patricia Bosworth. Keith Pollock and Nicole Vecchiarelli, coming from Elle and InStyle respectively, helm the publication as editors-in-chief.

The exclusive print editions will also be geographically customized. Of those selected to receive the book, 37,000 reside in Los Angeles, and in their magazines, up to 40 percent of the content will highlight top Du Jour key cities whereby each city could have up to 12 pages. The print reader pool also includes 37,000 each from Chicago, Miami, and Manhattan.

Says Binn, “It’ll feel like a local magazine.”