Jason Blum on 'Get Out's' Ending, Working With Jordan Peele | Producer Roundtable

The 'Get Out' producer said Peele described his idea for the film as "a black man's nightmare in America."

"When you come into Get Out," producer Jason Blum told The Hollywood Reporter, "white people might relate to Allison [Williams] more, and black people might relate to Daniel [Kaluuya] more, but by the end of the movie, everyone is on the same side. That's probably my favorite thing about the movie."

"The film has an enormous amount of edge," Blum said of Get Out, written and directed by Jordan Peele, despite Peele's unassuming, easygoing nature. "He comes at things softly," the producer said of Peele, "but he has a super, super serious point of view, and a super strong vision, and he makes it happen without World War III happening around it, which is incredibly unusual."

Get Out premiered in February and is being hailed by critics as one of the best horror movies of all time. Tune in to THR.com/roundtables for more roundtables featuring creators from the year's top films.